All Purpose Heat Transfers

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 |

When looking for the best in heat transfers, look no further than Unimark Heat Transfer Company!  Since 1998, Unimark has been a pioneer in the heat transfer business.  One of our most popular and in-demand products is the Easy Stretch® heat transfer.  This durable transfer has clean lines, sharp graphics, and superior adhesion and elasticity.  Even under the most demanding conditions, the Easy Stretch® heat transfer provides lasting performance.  Easy Stretch® outperforms, outlasts, and simply looks better than its competitors.

Easy Stretch® is available in many different varieties.  While Matte Finish is the default, we also have Mirror Gloss and Hot Peel Gloss.  Our glitter products are a natural fit for Easy Stretch®.  The Easy Stretch® format incorporates agents that block out the dye such as the  sublimation stopper (SS) and Dye Stop. We can also include many of the Matsui International ink applications, like: Chromicolor® or Photopia® into our Easy Stretch® heat transfers.

Whether you need heat transfers for sports uniforms, advertising merchandise, or even for specialty purposes, you won’t find a better performing, longer lasting heat transfer than Easy Stretch®.  You can use our Easy Stretch® heat transfers on any type of fabric, and they will remain sharp, durable, and great-looking for much longer than any of our competitors.

While most of our competitors have completely relocated or simply formed out of the United States, Unimark has maintained a manufacturing and distribution presence here in the United States in order to keep the superior quality of our products and the exceptional customer service that has been our hallmark since our founding in 1960. We are here to help you look your best with only the highest quality product in the market.  So when you are looking for resilient, long-lasting heat transfers, give us a call and get the process started today!