Branding Products with Heat Transfer Decorating Graphics

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 |

Heat transfer decorating is a popular form of imagery and text decoration done on products including apparels, plastics, promotional materials, and other items that need to be decorated. It is a simplified process that is cost effective and delivers high quality graphic solutions. The technology uses a combination of heat, pressure, and time to apply or transfer a pre-printed graphic, text, or image onto a surface. A heat transfer decoration Los Angeles, CA like UnimarkUSA can help you meet your product decoration needs by offering high quality graphic solutions.


Heat transfer decoration on apparels

In the fashion and outfit industry, brands need to create eye-catching apparels with decorations applied on the garments. The brands can create messages in form of images, texts, or other types of graphics, which entice consumers to purchase the garments. This printing technology is applied on items such as sports apparels including t-shirts, caps, socks, compression wear, swimming suits, and sports jackets.

Heat transfer graphics on plastics
Manufacturers of plastic products need to decorate them in order to add visual appeal and branding features. Companies can have their pens branded with images and text using this technology. Other items that can be decorated include water bottles, electronic products, and buckets. The graphics printed on these items may include the logo of the company and contact details.


Household items decorated using heat transfer

Many of the household items you use may have decorations that are permanently imprinted on the surfaces. For example, plates and cups can be decorated with graphics that make them look attractive. Manufacturers that need to decorate their products for branding and curb appeal can seek the help of UnimarkUSA, a company that provides heat transfer decoration solutions to a wide range of clienteles. The company offers decoration for textile products and plastic-made items.


Heat transfer decoration is ideal for decorating products such as T-shirts, billboards, plastics, and packaging materials. Businesses can use this technology in their branding efforts to create brand name awareness and attract customers. Heat transfer decorations can also be used on fabrics to create permanent messaging and appeal.