Company History

Mr. Kenji Matsui had a keen eye for color and used that talent in the manufacturing of raw materials for the paint industry. In 1923 Mr. Matsui founded Matsui Shikiso Chemical LTD. His fascination with color and his passion for development soon resulted in expansion into the manufacturing of crayons in 1948 and ultimately led to the manufacturing of pigments and dyes for the textile industry in 1950.


With the excellent success that Matsui achieved in textile printing, it was natural that Matsui Shikiso Chemical Company continued to look for other new areas to use the newly acquired expertise. This excellence in textile printing led to the development of heat transfers in 1960. Matsui found much success in the Japanese and Asian markets. In 1985, the Matsui Shikiso Chemical Company opened an office in New York City to offer the Matsui Shikiso products to the United States and the world under the name Matsui International, Inc. This new operation later relocated its head quarters to Los Angeles, California.


In 1998, President Masahiko Matsui formed Unimark Heat Transfer Co. to market the special heat transfer technology to the world. Unimark soon started making its’ presence know in the United States. As many textile companies moved their manufacturing out of the United States, Unimark has been able to offer shipping and distribution from Japan, China and the United States. Unimark now has representation around the world on almost every major continent.


Unimark is the leader in the heat transfer industry offering the widest variety of products. The textile industry is an ever changing, evolving market and Unimark has been at the forefront bringing new ideas and resolving problems as they arise. As you page through this website you will see more than just a long line of products. You will see an innovative, responsive company that is focused on the future and guided by the visions of its’ past.