Manufacturer of Heat Transfer Graphics

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 |

We offer an array of services aimed to you and your wants!  There is a suitable option for everyone here. We use the most advanced heat transfer machine in the field to ensure that you receive the best quality for your buck!

Easy Stretch Series: Easy Stretch is a type of transferring that will give long lasting results, even on stretchy fabrics! This option includes different formats such as matte, glitter, and mirror gloss. This is a good option for t-shirt designs and logos!

Deluxe: Our comfort deluxe series was created for just that – comfort! Everyone at one point or another has had t-shirts with those rough, itchy bothersome tags. Then, you cut the tag and the problem is even worse! Well, with our comfort deluxe option you can create a tagless t-shirt while still promoting your company! The tagless label will not be itchy and it won’t crack or peel as it is made for stretchy materials.

Reflective: A reflective design is made for safety but also looks nice! This is typically used on products like t-shirts and shorts designed for running. That way, at night, a driver will be able to see a runner on the street or sidewalk. This is made possible by miniscule glass beads that are backed by a reflective medium.

Permalon: Permalon is permanent! It was designed to go on waterproof materials, and materials that are dry cleaned.

Tuff Text: Tuff text provides a great look with your design and not only that but it adds a rugged feel giving your design an extra quality. This can best be described as the numbers and names on sports jerseys. Tuff text is perfect for just that and can have an SS blocking agent added to keep the design in tact.