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Mirror Face

Mirror Face is a silver transfer with a mirror like gloss, refracting light strongly. It has very strong dye migration blocking features like any of the Easy Stretch series.

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Mirror Gloss

Easy Stretch Mirror Gloss transfers offer bright colors and a brilliant shiny surface, yielding a full body transfer.  The Easy Stretch format also leads to a lot of extra printing options that can be added to the designs.

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Aurora is a specially coated transfer paper that reflects an iridescent aurora color gamut. Aurora transfers’ color appearance may vary depending on the color of the fabric it is applied to.

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Polarized transfers are unique mirror gloss transfers. It has a color-to-color change with a hologram aesthetic and a smooth gloss finish.

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No Glue Outline (NGO)

No Glue Outline (NGO) is a solution to outline glue without sacrificing any adhesion strength or stretch-ability. It maintains the clarity and quality of the image design after intense washing.

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High Stretch

High Stretch has a mat finish with sharp imaging and minimal outline glue. High Stretch is a hot peel transfer and a Sublimation Stopper (SS) type can be added to High Stretch for sublimation fabrics.

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