Thermolight New Vinyl Matte

Thermolight New Vinyl Matte (Hot Peel)

Thermolight New Vinyl Matte (Hot Peel) is an Eco-Friendly product that can transfer durable and clear printed images onto artificial leathers, sheets, and films made out of chloroethylene or polyurethane by simply heat pressing at a low temperature for a short period of time.  This product does not require you to wait until it cools to peel it.

Typical applications would include logo marks, brand marks and signs for shoes, bags, erasers and other vinyl products.


Product is available as PET film sheets that are die cut.  Roll transfers of this product cannot be produced.

Ideal transfer settings mean pressing the product at about 130 ℃ for 5-10 seconds at 35-50 kPa.


1.  Adhesive durability may vary when surface coating agent is applied onto chloroethylene or polyurethane products. Thus, please test and check in advance to using actual materials to be transferred.

2.  Please avoid tumbler dry because it may cause blocking of designs and heat may raise design surface.

3.  Please store transfers at 25℃ or below avoiding direct sun light and humidity.  Estimated shelf life of the transfers is 2 years.


Wash JIS LO217 103 method x 10 cycles ○-△
Gum tape peeling ○-△

Partially design crack

Brushing test 50 times
Light durability (FadeMeter 20 hours) ○(except fluorescent colors)
Formaldehyde(A-A 0.05 or below
Tumbler dry ×


Above data is based on our test data and durability and peeling fastness may vary depending on actual materials to be processed and transfer conditions, etc.  Thus, please test at user’s site in advance before production.