Things to Consider While Choosing Heat Transfer Machines

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 |

Choice of heat press machines varies according to the business you are running. For many people, selecting a heat press might be threatening, but this will be an easy task if you simply keep in mind that the same work is performed by all heat presses, which is to provide heat for a specific time under standard temperature. Some basic factors, which should be considered while choosing the heat transfer machines, are its style, performance and features.

The size of the heat press is an important feature so first you need to think about the work you want to carry out. These machines are available in small, medium and large sizes and each one has its own advantages. Small size presses are suitable for baby clothes, tote bags and other small items. Medium size presses are advantageous if you are doing repetitive pressing. They perfectly work for the decorative works. Demand of large heat presses is very low and it is suitable for the inkjet printing.

Three main categories of heat presses are Draw, Swing-away and clam shell. It depends on your need that, which one you prefer. Safety features of heat transfer machines are an important feature to consider while making a selection. Poorly made or cheap presses should be avoided. The weight of the heat presses varies in spite of their same size and it occurs because of the differences in manufacturing. However, weight does not affect the heating efficiency.

Unimark Heat Transfer Company has the most advanced heat press with standard features like PLC controller, 2 air cylinder, dual pressure regulation and precision label indexing. Mini press version is also offered by this company, which is economical and suitable for small size transfer.