UNIMARKUSA Giving You The Best In Logos and Branding

Posted on Nov 25, 2015 |


When you design fabulous clothes, you demand control over every aspect of your products manufacture. The fabric, the colors, the types of stitching. Ultimately, if you want to apply a design element via heat transfer, you expect to get the best possible results. That’s why Unimark USA should be your first choice when performing industrial grade, high performance production. Unimark USA is arguably the world’s leading producer of all manner of industrial heat transfer products. It’s corporate charter that dates back 75 years belies the true roots of the company’s success which go back to the Honorable Kenji Matsui in 1923.


Matsui possessed a keen sense of vision and color not often seen in a generation. He was considered globally as the preeminent expert on dyes, pigments and color mixtures. What Walt Disney did for animation, Matsui did for items of color. Empowered with an extraordinary skill-set employing his own senses along the science and artistry, he zoomed to the top of his craft creating brilliant bursts of color in everything from crayons to textiles.


It is from this historic foundation that Unimark USA brings you the technical control and precision you require when manufacturing clothing and other textiles and lets you maintain the highest possible level of quality. Heat transfer products from Unimark USA are engineered to be lasting and durable. Given the high quality of the Unimark USA constellation of products and their many decades of participation in the textile industry, it is not uncommon for you to find their products in many clothes you see. In fact, they might well be in the clothes you are wearing right now!


They provide you with a diverse range of properties that make logos and branding the very best they can be. When you seek a world-class company to guide you in your needs to achieve the very best in transfer graphics of every type, shape and size, you need only look to Unimark USA to give you the very best!