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Mr. Kenji Matsui had a keen eye for color and used that talent in the manufacturing of raw materials for the paint industry. In 1923 Mr. Matsui founded Matsui Shikiso Chemical LTD. His fascination with color and his passion for development soon resulted in expansion into the manufacturing of crayons in 1948 and ultimately led to the manufacturing of pigments and dyes for the textile industry in 1950.

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Manufacturer of Heat Transfer Graphics

We offer an array of services aimed to you and your wants!  There is a suitable option for everyone here. We use the most advanced heat transfer machine in the field to ensure that you receive the best quality for your buck! Easy Stretch Series: Easy Stretch is a type of transferring that will give […]


On Choosing the Right Textile Printing Company for Your Business

The hospitality sector is in dire need of the best textile printing companies to work on their uniforms, towels, beddings, and other fabric materials. And not only restaurants and hotels, but also athletes and politicians who would be representing their name for a big event. But how do you really choose which company you should […]

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